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Successfully funded on July 2021!

One of Polygon's Top Indie Tabletop RPGs of 2021...

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Hardcover and softcover available. Premium matte cover and full-color satin finish pages.

What is ARC? 5-minute video

If you only have a few minutes to spare, watch this 5-min overview!

What is ARC? Deep dive

Stories you make and play in ARC run against a timer. While heroes navigate and transform the world around them, the real-time Doomsday Clock ticks to an irreversibly cataclysmic event.

  •  Manage your hours. The Doomsday Clock allows you to dictate literally how much time you need for your story.
  • Skill Checks allow for players' ingenuity.  Heroes are naturally adept at their skills, but players articulate how these are applied. Insightful solutions can ease the Threshold Number.
  • Pick-up-play with raised stakes. The tight rules, including unique initiative and story consequences for "death", fit on the back of the character sheet! The unique blend of real-time and in-story mechanics means, however, that games always have a sense of mission and purpose.

You can already preview the rules in the Quickstart (scroll down!) or the ARCANUM SRD, which contains the rules text.

The book, however, contains bonus content to power any adventure:

    • 40 spells & techniques, ranging from the mundane—whispered messages—to the unknown—open doors to secret locations—and the world-wracking, truest Miracle.
    • 36 fascinating creatures: bunny-eared noblins, flowerheaded courtiers, cannibal elves, moon-eating wyrms and more.

If this sounds great and you want to grab one of the community copies, scroll down until you see Itch.io's "Claim Access" button—or keep reading!

Actual Plays and Videos

Dicebreaker plays ARC with momatoes!

Learn more about the Spell system.

A message from momatoes

ARC is made with lots of love, and I truly hope it sparks many adventures. If you're interested in the physical book (which I've been told is quite gorgeous) you can purchase it from Exalted Funeral.

ARC is also pet-approved. Click to buy a copy for your loved cat.


Other ways to support:
  • If you want to make your own hacks, settings based off ARC, you can! Please read the ARC Creators License—which gives everyone permission alongside common-sense guidelines.
  • Share your play experience! We have a Discord 💪
  • Sign up for my mailing list to receive (non-spammy) updates on games or resources I've made.
  • Share this game on social media, or follow me on Twitter.
  • If you REALLY want to tip, please pay it forward by supporting another indie RPG! There's loads of wondrous SE Asian Games at Across RPGSEA, and you can check out the  "POC-made" tag in Itch too.

Thanks. And enjoy!

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GenreRole Playing
TagsAction RPG, arc, Doom, poc-made, Real-Time, rpgsea, suspense, Tabletop role-playing game
Average sessionA few hours
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Buy Now$25.00 USD or more

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Download demo

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An ARCventure - The Summer Blooms.pdf 12 MB

Development log


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hi, do you have plans to add more community copies?

Hi, thanks for asking! At the moment, not through the Itch.io community copies features. But folks can email me for a copy if they're in hardship or want to know more about the game before purchase.

i see, in my case is more because i'm not from USA and the Dollar value is kinda really big right now, so buying this game became impossible with my actual financial condition and the game called my attention

Just picked this up in the currently running bundle and I am looking for the character sheet. For ressources the webiste is linked, but I am unable to navigate the website to a ressource section. Is there a bug currently or am I overlooking something?

Yes, there was a bug! (which should hopefully be fixed....) 

But in case you still encounter issues, here is a direct link to the PDF: https://arc-rpg.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/ARC-Character-Sheet_print.pdf

And the Google Sheets version: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NrsFOzLbhLMOpC4_glDkXuPLWB_JMBxl8ez_-JHx...

Thank you so much!

Just picked this up in an flgs. Any chance of hetting the pdf?

E-mail me at hello@momatoes.com and I'll set you up!

Hi, any possibility on getting some community copies? It seems I get a few months late to get into ttrpg :(

E-mail me :) hello@momatoes.com

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Why only PayPal purchase allow?

You can also purchase from Exalted Funeral, who may also provide alternative modes of payment. https://www.exaltedfuneral.com/products/arc-doom-tabletop-rpg

Oh, really... Thx, was difficult find it on site. I thought, PDF version access only in itch.

is there a solo player variant for this game?

None at the moment!


(1 edit) (+4)

So *you're* the reason ARC became extra popular! (that, and a recent award win, hah) Thank you so much for the video --- I'm honored by the time and care you've placed in it. Thank you!


I haven't got a quarter the way through reading this yet, but I have to say that it is one of the most stunningly designed rule books I have ever seen.

Thanks—that's really flattering to hear! I hope you enjoy the book.

This is such a beautiful book.. The graphic design work is stellar.  Is it possible to buy a physical copy?



Yes there is!

Thank you for linking!

Hello, momatoes! How can we start a conversation about a translation to Brazil?

I backed in the kickstarter a while ago and this game is amazing!

Thank you so much! A Brazilian translation is already planned, but I appreciate your very generous offer. 


ARC rocks. Thank you momatoes.


It's beautiful. 10/5 stars


Why am I just hearing about this???? 

Luckily, you can keep up by joining a mailing list! 💪 https://momatoes.com/join

Or bugging me on Twitter—that works, too ^^;


Just got my Scarlet Edition Hardcover from the Kickstarter, it is a gorgeous book, feel like I need some fancy sleeve for it, can't wait to dive in!

I hope you enjoy it! ^^


All in all the project looks super interesting, so we just wanted to drop you a well-wish for the upcoming Kickstarter! We know how overwhelming crowdfunding campaigns feel, and we'll be following this one for sure.

So yeah, that's basically it- break a leg!


Thanks! You're very kind ^^ I'll be sure to share updates so you can be up to speed when it drops!