A downloadable doom tabletop RPG

Launch date to be announced in a few weeks!

Doom draws near but that doesn't mean you can't rebel against the dying light! ARC is a role-playing game for players who want to embark on perilous adventure, surmount impossible odds, and emerge as heroes that defeat the apocalypse before precious time runs out. Inspired by OSR, ARC is light on rules but heavy on the tension. Can you make it out alive before the end?

As a real-time Doomsday Clock slowly ticks to its end, heroes must fight their way to salvation through Skill Checks, physical or psychosocial conflict, as well as strange Spells and Techniques. Highlights include:

  • Manage your hours. Dictate how much time you'll spend per session. Tackle dreadful Omens while you grapple with what little time you have left.
  • Celebrate player ingenuity. Don't just use Skills --- articulate your specific problem-solving Approach: whether creatively, carefully, or in a concerted manner.
  • Strategic player-driven combat. Conflict initiative is based on what you do, not through a roll. Strategize with your allies on how to time and sequence your actions.
  • A new approach to Spellcasting. Spells and Techniques sit in your inventory, and impose odd rituals to refresh them. One in particular asks your hero to eat a door!

Read the overview of the game and learn how to craft your story's Doom --- the central plot of your story.

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All in all the project looks super interesting, so we just wanted to drop you a well-wish for the upcoming Kickstarter! We know how overwhelming crowdfunding campaigns feel, and we'll be following this one for sure.

So yeah, that's basically it- break a leg!


Thanks! You're very kind ^^ I'll be sure to share updates so you can be up to speed when it drops!