Community copies, SRD and new resources

Community copies are now available!

As of this writing, there are 1,800 left. Each community copy gives..

  • the full version of the game (with art! layout! bookmarks!)
  • as well as a markdown version (convertible to ePub or HTML). 

Thank you again to the 2,272 Kickstarter backers who made this possible. I hope these free copies spark many adventures—and if you'd like to hold the physical book in your hands as well, you can still buy the book via Exalted Funeral.

To download, simply go to ARC's page and scroll down until you see the Community Copies section.

Doom Sheet: New resource for Guides

The Doom Sheet and ARCANUM are now available! The Doom Sheet is a reference sheet for the Guide, containing fillable areas to mark moments consumed by the Doomsday Clock. It also has nifty rules summaries catering to their needs. Download it at

Infinite thanks to Nessun Dove, the team responsible for the Italian translation, for this excellent idea.


ARCANUM is a special site that contains searchable, web version of ARC's rules, a listing of known alternative rulings, and will soon be enhanced with notes on making ARC-compatible modules. Do check it out at  

ARC Creators License to make your own Dooms

As announced over social media and in the latest Kickstarter Update, the ARC Creators License allows anyone to make, publish and even sell hacks compatible with ARC.

You will only need to do three things:

  • Add in a copyright and a disclaimer clause in your work
  • Add the ARC compatibility logo somewhere
  • Ideally, if you're posting it in Itch, tag it "ARC" and then let me know so I can shout about your work online :) 

To learn more, simply visit

Thanks everyone. Let's slay the apocalypse together.


ARC Quickstart - Final.pdf 3 MB
Jul 31, 2021
ARC Doom Tabletop RPG.pdf 14 MB
Jan 13, 2022
ARC Doom Tabletop Markdown 161 kB
Jan 13, 2022

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