All content now unlocked in version 1.2

The book now has a total of 20 events, 24 lore words for the end-of-day, and 48 conversational words in Appendix 2! This goes earlier and beyond what I promised for the $600 milestone (which we reached. Thank you so much) but I thought of doing it all in one fell swoop as thanks to everyone's incredible generosity.

We've reached "max" content; there is nothing more to unlock. Instead, I'll set the funding goal to an open target of $1000, but I'm incredibly happy knowing we were able to achieve this much. Thank you everyone. I hope you enjoy the game. If you do, please don't forget to leave a comment or a rating---it helps a lot!


There is a Light_v1.2.pdf 10 MB
Jun 08, 2022

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