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The putative myth-math mechanics discourse strongly implies that players is really hardwood tables in disguise. Nobody wants to admit this but RPG design can’t fill the void in my heart.

You, too, can speak meaningful and totally serious RPG design discourse - or disk horse - using this pocket-sized card. Rope in game designer friends looking for a much-needed break from their 4th system overhaul, and make a game out of it using Equus Hero's very brief rules.

This business card RPG features:

  • Rules, but who needs them
  • Random tables to make over six thousand witty statements you can post on Twitter

Anything else?

  • There's an online version you can bookmark along with the other blog posts you keep promising to read. https://momatoes.com/equus-hero
  • This is a "hack" in the absurdly loosest term of my other business card RPG, Exquisite Hero.

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This game is pay-what-you-want and can be downloaded for as low as $0 :) Though if you did enjoy it, please consider a tip! Or any of the following ways to support and brighten an indie creator's day.


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TagsLife Simulation, poc-made, Psychological Horror, Survival Horror


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Exquisite Horpse

It's like hope, but it died

Or like a hose, RP'ing as a dead horse.

This is a must-have to engage in twitter discourse talk and I'll never join one unprepared again.

Excellent. In the game of dischorse, the only loser is the person who didn't come with prepared arguments of varying hilarity

disc horse, sorry for my typo, then again, what are typos if not language persisting? (was that ok?)

(1 edit) (+3)

I humbly believe that this meta-game revolving around satiric-memetic conventions is actually a great system to entertain my and my peers' organic neural machines, which is good because being serious all the time is bad for your health


Glorious. I may or may not steal some of these terms for the next version.


so clever and fun! I love it