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Inspired by the art method, Exquisite Hero gives you and two other players powerful prompts to create unique, weird, funny, or heartrending characters.

Exquisite Hero is a simple, creative bonding activity with friends, or a brainstorming session to create unusual characters for your next RPG.


    1. Print, cut, distribute segments.
      • [OPTIONAL] Set a timer for 5 minutes for hard mode. 
    2. Follow prompts without peeking at other players' work:
      • FRONT
        Draw a body part. Be as serious, lighthearted, scrawly or convoluted as you want.
      • BACK
        Pick and answer one of two prompts to flesh out part of a backstory. Afterwards, mark any number of statuses Your choices determine if the hero is happy, beloved, dead, or worse, turned to villainy. 
    3. Reassemble and bask in the presence of the exquisite hero you've just made.
      • [OPTIONAL] Post it here or on Twitter and tag @momatoes :)

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    Love it!


    I tried it with 8-10 year olds, rather than explaining the rules of the game to them, and it allowed them to relax and have fun, while getting into the story much more easily afterwards. Great idea!


    pretty great! Would be good with a cards-against-humanity type RPG


    That'd be cool! I'm actually planning on going through some of the other business card games, there might be a really neat micro system that would be great with this.

    Mork Borg