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French translation of the friends version of the game now available!

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[The following was written in Manila, a city that is, as of the time of its writing, overtaken by pandemic and political uncertainty]

Hi, momatoes here. There is a lot of uncertainty, a lot of anxiety, a lot of fear right now because of recent global events. And I feel it, deep in my bones. Because of this situation, I'm placed in a constrained position where I'm unable to game as freely as before. And even if online gaming were possible, I found it difficult to keep playing---knowing that I'm depressed, that I no longer have the energy to do anything complex, or even that I don't have the patience to set anything up. I just want to make stories with friends. I want escape from my current situation.

I made Tiny Stories in response to that. Tiny Stories is a freeform, storymaking game. Everyone pitches in and narrates whatever they feel should happen next. But every round, players have to contend with a twist. Whether the hero succeeds or not, something interesting and unique happens. And so the story goes on from there.

Tiny Stories is my tiny attempt at making things a little better. A little game, for friends who want to spend a little time together, in these complex and trying times. Please play Tiny Stories and blossom your own story in the safe comfort of your friends' companionship.


  • Number of players:
    • Solo: 1 
    • With friends: 2+
  • Equipment required: 
    • Solo: pieces of paper, a six-sided die
    • With friends: an online dice roller, or slips of paper
  • Hours of play: up to you
  • Game story and genre: also up to you
  • Features:
    • You can play it either offline or online, depending on your need
    • Be in control in this uncertain time and age. Create freeform, sandbox narratives based on your whimsy
    • Everybody has agency and contributes to the story
    • No character sheets, no trackers, no tokens
    • No game masters
    • No stress gameplay


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can this be played solo?


Hi! While the rules are extremely light enough that it can be played solo...it may not be a very satisfying experience. It is played best with at least 2 players. But I will be working hard in the next few days to try and convert the Tiny Stories experience into a solo version.

Hey, just checking in since it's been a few months, has there been any progress? If not, that's completely fine


Thanks so much for checking in, I really appreciate it. I did actually manage to draft a very, very simple ruleset but I never got around to posting it, and it got buried eventually. Your post reminded me to pick it up again. I'll reply again I've uploaded the solo version in this page.


The solo version is up :) Thank you again for reminding me, even months after I promised it initially!


Excellent game! The prompt questions flow well and create more of a conversation than a series of Q&A, and the action/outcome/twist play loop had us going "oooh" and "oh no!" throughout the session.


Hurrah! I'm happy it created this good flow in the game.

I had so much fun playing this! Collaborative storytelling at its finest.


Thank you! Let's play more Tiny Stories with our friends ^^

As someone who has been having a hard time adjusting to the lockdown, this was an incredibly refreshing game to play especially in time a where everything seems so out of control. Thanks so much! Let Mr. Bimble and Francis Flippers IV prosper!

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Thank you for sharing! I'm  glad you had fun :D I hoped it was an oasis of fun storymaking in our current situation.

Amazingly intuitive game! Manage a character with many players, creating stories and complications for your protagonist to explore and survive onto! 


I'm so glad you liked it! I hope you had fun with friends and used it to unwind and relax :)