The Magus: Through the Looking Glass

Between this world and the nexus of past, present and future, lies more possibilities than we can ever dream of...

And this free add-on, Through the Looking Glass, documents a small fraction of it!

Now available for The Magus, it doubles the number of events you can encounter and adds new possibilities to your play.

Events in this add-on are themed around alternate worlds and timelines and I can't wait to see what new realities you make with it.

This supplement will not be possible without the help of the Noblins' Nook Discord Server—in particular @Azu#6700 @Chiara#0388 @hydragyrium#9738 @Kin (he/him)#1044  @Ladrana#5128 @shutmc1#5124 @WizardlyFrog#9581 @yumaikas#353. Thank you for your contributions!

If you would like to join the server yourself, simply visit We're friendly folk with the occasional creative exercise and idea-sharing!

Now enjoy the free supplement! ^^


The Magus - Add-on Scenarios: Through the Looking Glass.pdf 4 MB
May 04, 2022

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Looks great! I should have waited for this before printing my copy ;)
Would love to see an alternative ending as well!