The Magus receives the Giovine Italia recognition from Carbonerie Ludiche!

I am exceptionally proud to announce that The Magus received international recognition from Carbonerie Ludiche, an indie society for tabletop awards in Italy!!

"We could not fail to celebrate that magnificent work done by Momatoes to create one of the role-playing games in solitaire (or role-playing solitaire if you prefer) from the most innovative mechanism of the period and with a very captivating theme. Too high the quality and too different the gameplay experience from Zombie World [the Enchantillon Carboneria 2021 winner[ to compare, but it was clear to all of us that a signal had to be given about this game as well. "  — see their announcement

Thank you to everyone who's supported the game, who's made stories with arcane power, and to everyone who appreciated The Magus <3   I remain thankful everyone has been supportive of this passion work!

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