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Taste the storytelling secrets that tarot has to offer.

Imaginarium is a cooperative storymaking game for 2 to 9 players, where you build a story through the revelations of the major arcana.

Play as a dreamer or a phantom.  As dreamer, shape the world by taking initiative through your actions. As phantom, affect your dreamer's actions through powers of the tarot.

Together, pair up, and save the world.

A sandbox universe that blooms with your imagination.

What happens next is completely up to your imagination. 

In Imaginarium, you are given free rein to discover your story. Everyone expresses where they want to take the story next. The dreamer succeeded; maybe the priestess gives a vital clue. And maybe that vital clue is about the paraliches’ malevolent god. But maybe there’s a trap waiting for you. And to cleave forward is certain death. Unless...

It is up to you to narrate this. Imagination is your peril and your savior.

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Purchasing this game is deeply appreciated and directly supports me. That said, free copies are also availableno questions askedsimply email me at hello@momatoes.com


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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Hello. I was wondering if there are any community copies available for this game? I'm really enjoying the singleplayer tarot rpgs, and would be super interested in playing this one. 😊

Hello! Please feel free to simply email me if you'd like a community copy ^^ It's hello@momatoes.com.


This is tagged as single player but there doesn't appear to be an option for that.

I'm sorry about that! This has been fixed now. (apologies for the late response)


Fantastic game. It was my first time to play to a tarot RPG. We took turns answering prompts and building on each other's answers. It was a good way to establish each player's interests, comfort level, and familiarity with the system. This exercise helped the players get used to creating and moving in the world. I recommend this game to newbies (myself) and experts. 


I quite enjoyed the game. We played as two authors with an old rivalry and partnership, whose ghosts have returned to rewrite the contents of their joint book. One hero desired for justice and all good things, while the other was the dark anti-hero. One author desired for the suffering of characters, while the other desired for the anti-hero to become the main character. It was interesting once phantom and dreamer roles were swapped  -- the way you look at the tarot cards and prompts change entirely, as well as how you interact with the goals. Very light, provocative, easy narrative system for a variety of genres and diverse rpg experience of players (I would say a couple of our players are newer to rpgs but had no issues inserting new twists to the story). We bounced wildly from comedy to intensely sad scenes with no problems.