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Why only PayPal purchase allow?

You can also purchase from Exalted Funeral, who may also provide alternative modes of payment.

Oh, really... Thx, was difficult find it on site. I thought, PDF version access only in itch.

is there a solo player variant for this game?

None at the moment!


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So *you're* the reason ARC became extra popular! (that, and a recent award win, hah) Thank you so much for the video --- I'm honored by the time and care you've placed in it. Thank you!


I haven't got a quarter the way through reading this yet, but I have to say that it is one of the most stunningly designed rule books I have ever seen.

Thanks—that's really flattering to hear! I hope you enjoy the book.

This is such a beautiful book.. The graphic design work is stellar.  Is it possible to buy a physical copy?


Yes there is!

Thank you for linking!

Hello, momatoes! How can we start a conversation about a translation to Brazil?

I backed in the kickstarter a while ago and this game is amazing!

Thank you so much! A Brazilian translation is already planned, but I appreciate your very generous offer. 


ARC rocks. Thank you momatoes.


It's beautiful. 10/5 stars


Why am I just hearing about this???? 

Luckily, you can keep up by joining a mailing list! 💪

Or bugging me on Twitter—that works, too ^^;


Just got my Scarlet Edition Hardcover from the Kickstarter, it is a gorgeous book, feel like I need some fancy sleeve for it, can't wait to dive in!

I hope you enjoy it! ^^


All in all the project looks super interesting, so we just wanted to drop you a well-wish for the upcoming Kickstarter! We know how overwhelming crowdfunding campaigns feel, and we'll be following this one for sure.

So yeah, that's basically it- break a leg!


Thanks! You're very kind ^^ I'll be sure to share updates so you can be up to speed when it drops!